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Michael and I spend our days delving into the exploration history of Western Australia; travelling to out-of-way places mentioned by the explorers but now seldom visited; writing books about the explorers' travels; studying the behaviour of our native birds and animals; photographing our wonderful wildflowers; and travelling to and from Perth to our 1400ha bush block Capillosa just north of Westonia.
Capillosa is not always so colourful. Most of the time it is rather dry and unattractive. But when it rains in the autumn and winter the bushland makes a miraculous recovery, bursting into flower - the lichen on the rocks turns green and the rock pools fill with small aquatic vertebrates and tadpoles.
We have many different Eucalypts, including Wheatbelt Wandoo E. capillosa, Gimlet E. salubris,  Salmon Gums E. salmonophloia, E. burracoppinensisE. tenera, E. leptopoda, E. loxophleba, E. rigidula, E. sheathiana, E. crucis and E. transcontinentalis.

​Michael and I are members of :-
Birdlife Australia
Land for Wildlife
Royal Western Australian Historical Society
Toodyay Historical Society
Western Australian Naturalists Club
Western Banders Association
Wildflower Society of Western Australia