Flowers and Gatherers of the Albany to Eucla Coastline

975 species illustrated

Flowers and Gatherers is is an interactive reference to flora of the south coast of Western Australia between Albany and Eucla. It is an ongoing project, begun in 2015, and added to regularly as new data come to hand
Part 1 - FLOWERING PLANTS. Species are arranged alphabetically within families. This format offers the unique advantage that given members of a genus can be compared very easily by scrolling through or swiping through adjacent pages. The document includes an index to Families and Genera. Hyperlinks are provided for quick access to historical material found on-line. Attention is drawn (in the green boxes below the species accounts) to some features which may help identification or may interest the reader, although these are by no means diagnostic. Where technical terms are used, these are explained in parenthesis.
Part 2 - GATHERERS provides an historical account of the activities of some the most important plant collectors active along the south coast of Western Australia during the 18th and 19th centuries.
Flowers and Gatherers is best displayed on a tablet but is also suitable for smart phone and computer. (1) Download the file (this may take several minutes), (2) save to your device, (3) use Adobe Acrobat Reader in “fit full page to window mode” to explore the document. 
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