Flora and Fauna

I have compiled reference guides to the flora and fauna in several areas in Western Australia. Note that these do not contain a comprehensive listing of all species that may be present - in fact they illustrate only a very small fraction of what is there. However they will be expanded as time goes by and may provide a primer for those who are new to the areas of interest.
1. The Darling Range NatureBase covers that area of the Darling Range within about 30 km of Kalamunda.
2. The Wallaby Hills file documents plants in the Wallaby Hills Nature Reserve east of York. It represents one of the few remaining examples of the original native vegetation of the area.
3. Capillosa lies about 15 km north of Westonia in the Central Wheatbelt. 
4. The South Coast file covers an area within about 100 km of the coastline between Albany and Eucla.